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Features $MOB Token Box Airdrop Season 2 Collect Yours Everyday! $MOB is the governance token of the 1st and best NFT AMM on Aptos/Sui $MOB will issue on Sui mainnet and launch IDO soon. Tokens are guaranteed in all token box airdropped. Other Description Finish Tasks to Win Rewards Leaderboard
All $MOB Token Box earned by each wallet address will be ranked daily.
Top addresses will be rewarded with additional boosts to win even more Token Box.
Token Box earned through NFT staking, Souffl3 Kitchen on Fire, or other campaign rewards will NOT be counted here.

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Introduce about Mobius

About Season 1 rewards? New gameplay and rewards? Everything you want to know is below! Note: We strongly recommend that you bind your Discord account to avoid missing out on the final rewards. The reasons are: The SUI mainnet is not yet available, so the wallet address on SUI may change at any time. Therefore, to avoid missing out on the final rewards, we will use the address on the final Discord as proof.
Season 1 Settlement
For season 1 participants
You can inherit the following rewards from Season 1:

Completing specified tasks in Season 1
Participating in the Telegram friends referral task
Participating in Season 1 leaderboard
Participating in official Discord activities
A pop-up window will show and let you claim all your rewards at once. Please make sure you use the same Aptos mainnet wallet address as season 1 to log in.
For season 2 freshmen (addresses that did not participate in the season 1): you are eligible to get 10 $MOB Token Box as a Freshmen Bonus.

What is Mobius

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Season 2 Tasks Tutorial

1. Daily Collection — FREE! and NEW!!
We have simplified the gameplay of tasks, making it more accessible and friendly for freshmen, while offering higher rewards. For example, simply by logging in to the page every day, you can receive excessive airdrop rewards.

The collection steps are as follows:
2. Claim your rewards
3. Tweet to earn Extra chance to get your rewards after your daily collection
4. You can only collect your rewards on a daily basis
The longer you log in consecutively, the higher your reward will be. But if you miss a day, your streak will reset to day 1. So let‘s sign in for 7 consecutive days to receive the highest reward of 100 boxes!
Don’t wait, set your alarm now!
2.Regular tasks
Mobius Airdrop Season 2 sets 4 Regular tasks! And the rewards were doubled up. Moreover, their rules and steps are described below.

Task 1 - Pool Creation
Note: Only pools created after the start of season 2 are eligible for rewards.

Note:This task can only be completed on the Aptos mainnet, and is currently unavailable on the Sui testnet.

1. Click “Go to Create”
2. Click “Create New Pool”
3. Click “Connect” in the upper right corner to connect your Aptos mainnet wallet to the Mobius website (we will guarantee the security of your wallet)
4. Select a NFT collection you’re holding which you want to create a pool for.

5. Pick the NFT that you specifically want to put into the pool
6. Configure the Pool parameters. See detailed information below

1) Configurable parameters
2) Preview of your configuration
7. Back to the task page to claim your rewards

Creating a pool every day will earn you a reward of 20 boxes.

Available Versions of Mobius

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