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Features Open Source Payment And Gaming Solutions - At Your Fingertip Lightspeed-fast ecosystem for building mainstream Web3 payment & gaming solutions for consumers and businesses. Adapt solid codes into your tech flow or build from the scratch on a blockchain optimized just for you.

Other Description Nordek DPoS Consensus Secure Randomised Deligate Proof-of-Stake Consensus NRK randomizes the selection of nodes from small-scale candidate nodes to participate in the BFT consensus and makes a trade-off. The NRK Network blockchain uses a variant of delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) for achieving consensus. The consensus is secured by a significant number of independent validators, only one of which is run by the Nordek Foundation.

Blockchain ecosystem for mainstream
adoption of web3 payments.

Table of Contents

Introduce about NORDEK

Blockchain ecosystem for mainstream
adoption of web3 payments.

What is NORDEK

NORDEK strives to be the most business and consumer-friendly
blockchain ecosystem for the mainstream adoption of web3 payments.
That is the reason why the NORDEK team decided to develop a DPOS
blockchain on their own. Nordek is powered by fast and low-cost EVMcompatible Network blockchain.
The team put together their talents to create NORDEK Smart Chain, ablockchain devoted first and foremost to creating a foundation for
crypto games. While NORDEK features a Turing-complete development
environment for solidity developers, the focus is on the gaming
industry. NORDEK features built-in templates for NFT issuance,
tokenomics design and metaverse components.
NORDEK is designing its decentralized node network to further align the
needs of gamers and game developers, incentivizing the game
developers and gamers to become nodes and validators. Rather than
creating separate communities with different interests, the NORDEK
network merges the two, providing the community an additional way to
earn income and become the true owners of the network itself.

Available Versions of NORDEK

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